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Abuse of Aboriginal Title & Rights

The rich biodiversity of the Northwest Coast is reflected in the many languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples which are among the most varied in the world. In the wake of the late 19th century colonization of British Columbia (BC), Aboriginal Title and Rights were ignored and the people were displaced. Raw resources continue to be stolen from unceded lands and vast profits are made that do not benefit First Nations. An illustration by the Haida artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas pictures the insatiable "Monster of Gluttony" gobbling up the forests of Haida Gwaii (right). Canada's refusal in 2007 to sign the UN Convention on Indigenous Rights exposes the influence of the multinational resource extraction industry in frustrating the legal and moral obligation of Canada to settle aboriginal land claims.


"Eating Haida Gwaii"
MNY: Rocking Raven